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SoberFROG Recovery

"At SoberFRog Recovery, we envision a world where individuals battling addiction find solace, support, and joy on their journey to sobriety. Our mission is to illuminate the path to recovery through the transformative power of entertainment and comedy. By harnessing the universal language of laughter, we educate, inspire, and uplift, breaking down barriers and stigmas surrounding addiction.


Our ultimate goal is to create a community where laughter heals and hope thrives. We aspire to build a sober living residence, a sanctuary where individuals can rebuild their lives in a nurturing and empowering environment. Through holistic support, creative expression, and a commitment to personal growth, we envision a future where every individual has the opportunity to embrace sobriety with courage, resilience, and joy. Together, we believe in the transformative potential of laughter to ignite change and cultivate a brighter, sober tomorrow for all."

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