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For more than 25 years, Comedy Hypnotist Terry Stokes, Jr. has toured the world with his hysterical hypnotic comedy show. From your local comedy clubs to major casinos, fairs, festivals, schools, and corporate events, Terry is sure to please every crowd.

Terry Stokes HYPNOTIC POWER Programs will help you harness the unlimited powers of your subconscious and superconscious minds. Take control of your health, quit smoking, lose weight, SMASH LIMITING BELIEFS, and more.


"Please make of my life a beautiful thing. Guide me on an illuminated journey from the darkness of the world into the light that is you. Make me a conduit of good that I might help transform the world. Set my feet upon A HERO'S JOURNEY and my heart on an enlightened path."

MONEY and FUN for your school, group, or organization. Putting the FUN in fundraising.

A great event for you that is guaranteed to raise BIG funds and be a huge hit with no upfront costs and no risk.

These engaging presentations are a blend of information, education, and entertainment. As a skilled hypnotist and master of human behavior, Terry can invoke real, long lasting change in YOU. This is accomplished by explaining how the conscious mind creates barriers of self-doubt and limiting beliefs and then through humorous demonstrations of hypnosis how to utilize this science to bypass those roadblocks and smash those limiting beliefs.


At SoberFRog Recovery, we envision a world where individuals battling addiction find solace, support, and joy on their journey to sobriety. Our mission is to illuminate the path to recovery through the transformative power of entertainment and comedy. By harnessing the universal language of laughter, we educate, inspire, and uplift, breaking down barriers and stigmas surrounding addiction.

Now get the same amazing results virtually!

Today's technology allows me to work with clients worldwide with the same amazing results as an in-person session. Achieve the change and results you desire from the comfort of your home.


Let Terry "CREATE EXTRAORDINARY " for you.


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